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Young pop newcomer Soleil River Nation shares debut single ‘Small Girl in a Big World’

Moving to Miami Beach from Manilla, Philippines, Soleil River Nation is a ten-year-old musical marvel, who has already seen a great deal of achievement for her abilities. Teaching herself piano and trumpet, whilst honing her talents with the Miami Music Project's children's orchestra and Grammy award-winning National Children's Chorus, she already showcases a deep love for music and a dedication to the craft of songwriting, now sharing her debut single ‘Small Girl in a Big World’

Brimming with musical passion, Soleil delivers a heartfelt and honest take on the anxieties around her future. Despite her age, she seems to hold a wisdom that pain is a necessary step to growth, and that bad times are what make the good times so good. She shares these thoughts of an instrumental bed of classic rock and pop sounds, with emotive harmonic progression from the piano and guitar driven by the rich rhythms of the drum kit. Vocally, Soleil pours herself into the music, giving every moment her everything right up to the end.

She shares a comment, ”I composed this song as I near my 10th birthday, reflecting on my role in the immense universe filled with uncertainties.“I don’t wanna grow up to see the bad things or the sad things or the mad things.”


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