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Sam Stokes makes solo album debut with ‘Common Ground’

Tagged by the press for her unique approach to writing that interweaves poetry and spoken word into raw musical arrangements, Sam Stokes is a multi-faceted creative who pitches herself as an eternal flame. Self-produced, Sam takes her creative freedom with open arms, defying categorisation with the sound she produces.

After teasers scattered across 2023, Sam Stokes has made her solo full-length debut in the form of a twelve-track album ‘Common Ground’. Driven by her lyricism, each track is supported by a perfectly minimal amount of instrumentation. Whether driven by a playful acoustic guitar line, classic rock orchestration or aggressive distortion, the music is always in support of the writing, framing each word with deliberate emotion.

Sam shares an insight into her artistry, "My entire commitment in this lifetime is to share love, light and hope through music and art so that our planet and our humanity may be the best it has ever been. I view music as a form of servitude and I hope that in every song that comes through me and every performance, I am able to give someone just a little bit more love in their life."


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