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Daddy Drwg releases heartfelt debut album ‘A Tree Called Happy’

Debuting his unique sound in his first album, Welsh newcomer Daddy Drwg has unveiled ‘A Tree Called Happy’. The project sees Drwg deliver heartfelt and honest songwriting, rooting his sincere folk arrangements with a gritty edge, taking the empowered compassion and building it up with roaring distorted riffs and dynamic energy.

Where tracks like ‘1AM GMT’ and ‘Words On The Back Of My Hand’ are great examples of the enticing and mellow sounds this approach can create, Daddy Drwg also showcases how the sensibilities can be pushed to their limits, with ‘When We Are Young’ and ‘I’m Your Waste Of Time’ taking on a much heavier atmosphere.

Overall, the album is a display of impressive songwriting, with the balance between tenderness and intensity keeping your ears engaged across the 10 tracks.

Daddy Drwg adds, “After spending years of what was a musical hiatus, it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience writing and recording this solo album and emerging anew as Daddy Drwg.”

Though this is the artist’s first release as Daddy Drwg, there is no doubt a rich musical background supporting it. Starting as a self-taught musician, studying a post-grad in Music Technology at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and contributing to bands on tour and in the studio, the artist brings all that experience to ‘A Tree Called Happy’


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